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About the concert life of Nikolai Medvedev in Germany:

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Since Nikolai Medvedev moved to Berlin, the renowned pianist has performed extensively throughout Germany. His profound musical expertise and refined taste allow him not only to perform in a solo concert, but also to impress as an excellent accompanist. The geography of Nikolai Medvedev’s piano recitals ranges from the northernmost German state of Schleswig-Holstein to the Bavarian Alps. His repertoire is just as extensive as his concert tours — from baroque music to jazz, from Bach to Gershwin. The most important venue for this outstanding pianist is the German capital itself. Nikolai Medvedev enjoys performing in various concert halls, piano salons and churches. Although the gifted piano virtuoso has only recently settled in Berlin, there are already many admirers of his talent. His concerts are regularly sold out and audiences are always amazed by his exceptional technique and unique interpretation. With his faible for transformation and his love of experimentation, Nikolai Medvedev turns a piano recital into an unforgettable and enchanting event for music lovers. His musical performance is the meeting place of wildness and melancholy, elemental force and delicacy, the romanticism of Eastern Europe and the scent of the cultural salon of German and French music. Mendelssohn, Schubert, Schumann, Liszt or Debussy — here this unique artist displays the nuances of a refined atmospheric painting, a piano art of dramatic verve and sublime artistry. Despite his virtuosity, the essence of the piano performances with Nikolai Medvedev lies in the intimacy, in the dedication to lightness and in the sensitivity of the spun lines and graduated layers of his art of interpretation. All this draws the audience even more under the magic spell of this faithful servant of music and turns his performances into a cultural event. In addition to his concert activities, Nikolai Medvedev is also involved in social life, supporting Ukrainian refugees among other things.