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Nikolai Medvedev’s concert activities:

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Nikolai Medvedev's concert activities and his recordings are widely recognised not only in media specialising in music, but also in newspapers that focus on reporting on city life. His current programmes (the list of composers performed is very impressive: Bach, Haydn, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Glazunov, Debussy, Stravinsky, etc.) have attracted the attention of the press and have been acclaimed as a significant phenomenon in the city's musical life. The newspaper "Berliner Morgenpost" of 15.07.2023 underlined Nikolai Medvedev's clear, note-perfect, dynamic and colourful playing and emphasised the richness of the forces of spirit and emotion, of passion and its control. This exceptional talent effortlessly masters the most virtuosic passages, and he is a connoisseur of differentiated colours and fine piano and pianissimo shading. All clichés crumble before the pianist Medvedev's art of interpretation. His outstanding musical performance also attracted attention in a local newspaper "Mittendrin" (01/2004) and was duly praised. A carefully chosen programme, an extraordinarily cleverly constructed performance and a brave virtuosity that never overstepped the mark culminated in a true triumph for the pianist at that concert. 
Philippe Cassard, an eminent French classical pianist and music critic, has a balanced and at the same time laudatory review of Nikolai Medvedev's recording of two magnificent piano sonatas by Glazunov (Portraits de famille, 09/12/2023), which are a rare piece of music in a pianist's repertoire. The sonatas are terribly difficult to perform, yet Nikolai Medvedev's playing has a crystalline clarity, his interpretation is imbued with lyricism. The technically first-class and admirable performance of these works, which are both rigorous and beautifully and calmly written, makes them unique little musical jewels.